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About Us

Are you searching for the team of computer consultants who assists you to get the computer advice ? Logon to and gain knowledge about computing skills. Read ahead to know how we can help you for various computer facts. This website comprises information regarding computers, assistance and hardware tips.

Our informational website is proposed for helping the individuals become more familiar with his or her computer.It is much more easygoing to comprehend computer fundamental skills than you might be considering right now, but only if you comply and use the suitable step-by step testified ways that forms learning every computer fundamentals as simple as....!


GeneraL computing skills

Start the computer.
Usage of mouse to come in contact with components of computer screen.
Usage of computer keyborad.

Intermediate skills

Knowledge of MS-office
Net surfing
Software installation
Navigation of computer files

Advanced skills include

Data security
Computer repair and troubleshooting
Programming concepts
Resolving the computer software conflicts

Visit our website to improve your knowledge with a variety of skills covering levels from preliminary use to creativity and problem solving.

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